Unpublished Vintage Photos Show A Different Side To History


Sexy Raquel Welch standing next to a sexy Ferrari, 1967.

Pop culture fans rejoice! This collection of groovy-era photos you’ve never seen before will not only make you miss the old days of skateboards, boomboxes, and Happy Days re-runs, but will give you some behind-the-scenes tidbits and facts you never knew about your favorite movie and television stars, the biggest films, the coolest trends, and the hottest singers. You might learn a few things you never knew before about the sixties, seventies, and eighties. 
Source: Reddit

In 1967, when this photo of sex symbol Raquel Welsh was taken, the steamy actress had reached international fame for her doe-skin bikini-clad role in One Million Year B.C. and was wrapping up filming Bedazzled, a British comedy starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Set in London during the swinging sixties, Bedazzled is the story of an unhappy man who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for seven wishes that, he hopes, will bring him wealth and love. Welsh was cast in the role of Lilliam Lust, the personification of … well, lust.