Unusual Discoveries Of Human Bones

By | February 27, 2019

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Archeologists. Source: (commons.wikimedia.org)

The occupation of an archeologist is exciting and intriguing. Archeologists throughout history have, through their discoveries, uncovered many interesting facts and theories about different cultures and eras. Sometimes they are able to prove or disprove theories, while at other times, just raise more questions. Either way, it makes for some interesting stories and mysteries for inquiring minds to ponder on. 

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Couple lay holding hands. Source: (pinterest.com)

Till Death do us Part (and Beyond)

Archeologists discovered this couple buried together holding hands. What an interesting find this was in England – a love beyond the grave! A team of researchers, along with a local historian, discovered the grave in Leicestershire, England during an excavation of the chapel of St. Morrell. It appears this couple has been holding hands for over 700 years. Among the many artifacts that were found were also thousands of coins and a Roman cavalry helmet in the area, leading them to believe that the site was used during Roman times. They also found remnants of an ancient Roman temple site.