Unusual Wonders Around the World

By Pen Cooper
SHENYANG, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 14: (CHINA OUT) (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)
Visitors watch full bloom red crabapple at Red Seabeach on September 14, 2014, in Shenyang Panjin, Liaoning province of China. Red Seabeach located in the northwest of Bohai Sea Gulf with over 200,000 square meters. The Red Crabapple blooms annually after autumn and looks like sunglow.

There are many unimaginably beautiful but unusual places around the world. How are these magnificent places created? This virtual tour is just enough to whet your appetite for more.

As you can see, this vast unusual red sea of the plant Suaeda salsa draws a lot of visitors. Considered to be the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world, it is located in Dawa County in China. One of the few species of plants that is able to live in a high alkaline soil, the Sueda turns a light red color in April, at the beginning of its growth cycle, and then, as it matures, it turns a dark red.