Use These 10 Phrases to Disarm a Narcissist

By Bo Beard | May 20, 2024

Abusive behavior

When dealing with a narcissist, it is crucial to maintain assertiveness and confidence to prevent manipulation or gaslighting. Utilizing written communication, concise responses, and setting clear boundaries can help disarm a narcissist effectively. 

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Instead of blaming yourself, Dr. Daramus advises reflecting on how a rational individual would respond in a similar situation and contrasting it with the narcissist's exaggerated reaction. She elaborates on how each phrase can assist in diffusing tensions and navigating away from the conflict. 

Instead of blaming

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If the narcissist displays abusive behavior, seeking immediate assistance is essential for your safety. These strategies serve as valuable tools for handling interactions with narcissistic individuals. Narcissists often provoke emotional reactions to assert control, resorting to manipulation and personal attacks.