Vintage '80s Boardwalk Pictures That Scream 'Summer'

By | July 10, 2019

80s Surf Style in Echo Beach

As the summer kicks into high gear and the temperature rises well into the 90s it’s time to take a look back at vintage boardwalk pictures that provide a look into what life was like in the ‘80s. Whether you were were a surfer, a skate rat, or you just liked walking the boardwalk with your friends there’s a photo on here that will perfectly encapsulate the summers of your youth.

Whether you grew up in a landlocked state and had to dream of the ocean, or you were waking up to the sound of the water, you’ll instantly recognize these totally tubular boardwalk photos as the be all end all of summer fun. Hang ten!

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A new kind of surfer reinvigorated surfing in the 1980s. Young, brash, and excited to hit the waves, young people flocked to the stretch of Newport Beach, California called Echo Beach to chop of the waves and look cool doing it. Gone were the days of white boards and black wetsuits, the surfers of Echo Beach wore colorful outfits and they decorated their boards to fit their personalities.

The look of these Echo Beach surfers informed street style for years, and many of the looks that these cats rocked scream summer. Don’t they make you want to run out to the ocean and just jump in the waves?

Celebrating a special moment on the beach at Asbury Park, NJ

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The seedy boardwalk of Asbury Park, New Jersey has become a landmark in the minds of millions thanks to songs by Bruce Springsteen. In the 1970s he and thousands of others from the Garden State hung out along the boardwalk that had long been abandoned by families lighting out for the suburbs. However, the seaside town managed to hold onto some of its enchanting delights.

After falling into disrepair following a series of riots that occurred in Asbury Park, the city spent $550 million redeveloping the area in order to once again make it family friendly. The area now boasts a wide range of attractions that are just waiting for you to take a long weekend.