More Vintage Ads that Would Definitely Be Banned Today

By | August 17, 2017

Violence, gender inequality, blatant lies, promotion of bad health were just some of the themes used by advertisers in the past to get people to buy their products.

Whether it's a photo of a baby smoking or an ad telling men they are way better than women, these vintage ads would definitely be banned today...

This is an ad for a feminine hygiene product.

Mentos was created in 1948. Albert Einstein died in 1955. We doubt Einstein got his genius from eating the minty candies.

This is just plain awkward.

Although it's about having enough legroom in the car, the slogan makes it wildly inappropriate and degrading to women.


Heroin was used to be prescribed for cough relief.

This is definitely something we wouldn't see today.

More on gender inequality.

Is the gun really necessary?

Doctors used to promote cigarettes back then.


Coca-cola used to claim that they can cure headaches.

All that for promoting a tie.