25 Vintage Photos of Disneyland That Will Give You Some Good Old-Timey Magic

Nearly 30 years after Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse first debuted, Disneyland opened its doors. On July 17, 1955, the theme park officially welcomed people to a magical place where they can have fun and let their imagination roam free and run wild.

The Disneyland we see today may be far more developed than it was years ago. But of course, it was as magical then as it is now. These 25 vintage photographs of "the happiest place on earth" will show you just how magical.

Relive the magic!

vintage disneyland 25


The construction of Disneyland's Matterhorn attraction.

vintage disneyland 1

Vintage Everyday

Walt Disney at the Disneyland Opening Ceremony rehearsal, 1955.

vintage disneyland 2

Vintage Everyday

It’s A Small World in its early years.
vintage disneyland 3

Gorillas Don't Blog

The Nixon family attending the Disneyland parade, 1959.

vintage disneyland 4

Disney and More

Dancers put on a show in front of the Matterhorn, 1959.

vintage disneyland 5

Vintage Everyday

Disneyland’s Main Street, 1960.

vintage disneyland 6

Gorillas Don't Blog

Disneyland’s Monorail soars over the Submarine Lagoon.

vintage disneyland 7

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vintage disneyland 8

Gorillas Don't Blog

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, 1960.

vintage disneyland 9

Viewliner Ltd.

Vesey Walker conducts the Disneyland Band.

vintage disneyland 10

Gorillas Don't Blog

Toy soldiers put on a holiday show, 1961.

vintage disneyland 11

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Visitors crowd on the raft to Tom Sawyer Island.

vintage disneyland 12


People queue up to enter Disneyland, 1963.

vintage disneyland 13

Gorillas Don't Blog

An aerial view of Disneyland Park, 1963.

vintage disneyland 14


Mermaids were once a fixture at Disneyland’s Submarine Lagoon.

vintage disneyland 15

Dreaming of Disney

Boys posing in front of the Mickey Mouse flower arrangement, 1965.

vintage disneyland 16

Gorillas Don't Blog

An aerial shot of Fantasyland at Disneyland’s tencennial celebration in 1965.

vintage disneyland 17

Stuff From the Park

Walt Disney cuts the 10th anniversary Disneyland cake with help from Mickey Mouse and Julie Reihm.

vintage disneyland 18

The Walt Disney Family Museum

This vintage Disneyland brochure from 1970 explains the various park attractions.

vintage disneyland 19

Stuff From the Park

Crowds flock to Fantasyland.

vintage disneyland 20


A Disneyland guest in 1957.

vintage disneyland 21

Gorillas Don't Blog

Storybook Canal and the Disneyland Skyway.

vintage disneyland 22

Hellcat Vintage

A small girl clings to Pluto in 1977.

vintage disneyland 23

Disney Parks Blog

A parade in Disneyland in the 1970s.

vintage disneyland 24

Vintage Disneyland Tickets