22 Adorable Vintage Photos of Pets Doing "People" Things

By | December 1, 2015

September 1934: Mrs C. Wylds behind the wheel with her pet pig, Terling in Essex.
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April 1932: Feline film star "Tibby" rests on the lap of Abraham Sofaer, leading man in her film for British Lion at Beaconsfield, The Flying Squad, while make-up artist Gerald Fairbank trims her whiskers for the camera.
Vintage Pics Animals 2

1956: "Carrots" the rabbit fires table tennis balls from a toy cannon.
Vintage Pics Animals 3

June 1934: Snake charmer Arimund Banu hosts a party for stage performers' pets at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London.

September 1933: A cat hangs a row of tame rats on the washing line to dry.
Vintage Pics Animals 5

1933: A cat and a bulldog in a toy car.
Vintage Pics Animals 6

1980: Arthur, the cat food commercial cat, dining at a fancy restaurant.
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1925: Film actress Fay Webb with her pet goose.
Vintage Pics Animals 8

American silent film actress Phyllis Gordon (1889 - 1964) window-shopping in Earls Court, London with her four-year-old cheetah who was flown to Britain from Kenya.
Vintage Pics Animals 9

January 1926: Puppies wearing headphones to listen to a radio.
Vintage Pics Animals 10

1955: A woman teaching her kangaroo to type.
Vintage Pics Animals 11

February 1933: A lamb and a cat playing draughts, watched over by a bantam, at Langford, Somerset.
Vintage Pics Animals 12

January 1936: A camel approaches the bar to be served by "Zandra," the pantomime cat from 'Dick Whittington' at Bournemouth Pavillion.
Vintage Pics Animals 13

January 1938: A piglet which is being treated by the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Animals) in Ilford with a sun ray lamp, to cure a skin ailment.

1940: A young boy on skates clutches a large tabby cat.
Vintage Pics Animals 15

1935: Ginger, the heaviest cat in London, is greeted by one of the staff at the restaurant where he lives, High Holborn, London, 12th October 1935. Ginger weighs in at twenty-three pounds.
Vintage Pics Animals 16

August 1977: A twenty-seven year old cat celebrates her birthday, an age equivalent to 189 in human terms.

Circa 1956: A zoo vet holding an iguana.
Vintage Pics Animals 18

1926: Mr Macfrisco, the singing sea lion, has a singing lesson.
Vintage Pics Animals 19

A cat listing to music with a headphone.
Vintage Pics Animals 20

June 1956: Members of the Malayan Police Band Bachan Singh and Abdul Rahman, due to appear at the Royal Tournament, visit London Zoo and make friends with Anabella the Orang-Outang.
Vintage Pics Animals 21

July 1936: 'Tornado' Smith, the Wall of Death rider from Southend, and his wife having tea with their pet lion and lamb.
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