Vintage Photos Peel Back More Than Meets The Eye

By | October 22, 2018

Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick performing. (1969)

Imagine the sound of M*A*S*H playing on TV, the laughter filling the studio as Cheech and Chong cracked their jokes, and the harmonies of the Beach Boys as they sang "Surfin' USA." These are just a few of the memories that will come to mind as we look over these groovy photos together.

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In 1969, Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane took the music world by storm with her powerful and captivating performances. With a voice that could reach the heavens, she sang about love, peace, and understanding in an era of significant social change. Her iconic look – complete with long blonde hair, bright eyes, and colorful clothing – was as unforgettable as her signature sound. From Woodstock to Monterey Pop Festival and beyond, Grace Slick's live shows were electrifying and inspired generations of musicians who followed in her footsteps. To this day, her legacy continues to be celebrated by fans worldwide.

A classic Stevie Nicks photo back in 1977 by Sam Emerson.

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In 1977, Stevie Nicks began making a name for herself in the music industry. Her iconic look and sound were captured perfectly by photographer Sam Emerson in this classic photo of her from that year. With her signature long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, Stevie stands confidently in an all-black ensemble with a shawl draped around her arms. She looks off into the distance as if she can already see the future success that awaits her. This image has become one of the most recognizable photos of the singer-songwriter and is a reminder of how far she has come since then.