Vintage Photos Reveal A Different Side To History Than You Already Know


How far would you go to have perfect skin? This woman is having a skin peel to remove her freckles in Budapest, Hungary.

When a photo captures something really brilliant it’s able to provide context for a specific moment in history, while giving insight into the modern world. Sometimes the photos capture a majestic, life affirming flash, and other times shots like the ones you’ll see today show that there’s not much difference between and the royal family or a young person growing up in the segregated south.

The photos and stories collected here provide fascinating nuance to points in time that are just blips in our history books. These photos show that everyone has a story, they just need someone to tell it. Read on and enjoy. 

Source: Pinterest

The desire for “perfect skin,” or the perfect look has been going on for centuries. The concept of beauty has changed with every generation, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that people will go to extreme lengths in order to attain what they believe to be the perfect body. For example, this chemical peel from the 1930s was a painful procedure that required a breathing tube to be inserted into a woman’s mouth so chemicals could burn away a layer of her skin. In a follow up photo the woman’s face is mostly freckle free, although some remain around her eyes which honestly just makes them more noticeable. Ah, the price of beauty.