Vintage Photos That Were Never Edited - Look Closer

Who remembers “Jungle Pam”, the drag racing sweetheart of the ’70s?

Step back in time and discover a world before the age of photo editing software. These vintage photographs capture a simpler era, when the only filter was the one on the camera lens. From the free-spirited youth of Woodstock, to the rise of legendary performers like a young Mick Jagger, to the sleek lines of classic muscle cars, these images offer a glimpse into the past, unaltered and raw. These photographs, taken in the 60s, 70s and 80s, have been preserved in their original state, and it's all the better for it.

But beyond just the cool photographs, there's also plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes stories, like the rise of Jungle Pam, the sidekick to drag racing madman Jungle Jim Lieberman and one of the first women working in drag racing.  She told Hot Rod that he pulled up next to her in a Corvette and said, “Hi, I’m Jim.” From there, the duo hit the road and took the drag racing scene by storm. Each photo tells a story, and learning about these stories provides you a glimpse of life and people in those days.

So dive in and discover a world before the age of editing software. Take a closer look and be prepared to be surprised by what you find. This collection of vintage photographs is not just a window into the past, but also a journey of discovery.