Vintage Studio 54 Photos That Crossed The Line


The Village People pose with a young Michael Jackson and a couple of babes... look closer to see Caitlin Jenner on the left

A glimpse behind the curtain of history can tell us so much about the stars and celebrities that we think we know so much about. Seeing photos of the events as the unfolded, colorized just for you, shows just how decadent the most famous club in the world really was.

Studio 54 was the one club where the famous and the infamous mixed with reckless abandon, with lines of would-be dancers begging to be let inside. What happened behind the walls of this storied New York City club? How late did the parties go and exactly what did stars like Mick Jagger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a very young Drew Barrymore get up to at these all-night ragers?

Look closer, these new colorized rare photos and stories dig deeper into the history that you think you know to tell the real stories and hidden secrets of Studio 54.

source: reddit

In 1977 a confluence of styles and subsets of people mixed in New York City, changing the world forever. Gay, straight, working class, and wealthy, they were all welcomed into Studio 54. The club created a place where everyone could be their true selves - even if they had to hide it as soon as they hit the pavement.

Studio 54 really was the only place where you could see a young Michael Jackson hanging out with the Village People and Caitlin Jenner of all people. It was a special place that, in spite of its darkness, brought people together. It's hard to imagine a place like this existing again.