Vulnerable House Dems do a U-turn on Illegal Immigration After Calling Crisis 'Non-existent Threat'

By Daniel Walker | April 24, 2024

Election cycle

Some vulnerable House Democrats who previously dismissed concerns about the situation at the southern border and resisted measures to enhance border security are now attempting to showcase their attention to the issue.

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via Rep. Gabe Vasquez

In closely contested House races this election cycle, three Democratic candidates—Representatives Yadira Caraveo from Colorado, Gabe Vasquez from New Mexico, and Eric Sorenson from Illinois—have introduced bills, resolutions, and amendments over the past year. 

Surge of migrants

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via C-SPAN

These initiatives present modest remedies to address the surge of migrants entering the country illegally, while recognizing the gravity of the crisis. Caraveo introduced a series of bills in the 8th Congressional District of Colorado this year aimed at tackling specific issues within the U.S. immigration system.