War Photos From The Past You Would Never Find In History Books

By Sophia Maddox | January 11, 2024

A look at the war torn streets of Italy

Amidst the noise and glamour of Hollywood and pop culture, it's easy to forget that history is replete with brutal and horrific moments of conflict and war. These moments are documented through photographs that capture the heart-wrenching stories of those who have witnessed the worst of humanity. As you scroll through this gallery of war photos, you will encounter images that show the human cost of war, the devastation it causes, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

These photos offer a glimpse into a different side of history, one that is often forgotten or ignored in mainstream narratives. They serve as a reminder that war is not just about battles and tactics, but about the lives of ordinary people caught in the crossfire. We invite you to take a moment to view these images with empathy and understanding, to acknowledge the sacrifices of those who have been impacted by war, and to reflect on what we can do to prevent future conflicts. Keep reading to bear witness to the raw reality of war through the eyes of those who have captured it with their cameras.

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Pictured here are American servicemen, driving down the ravaged streets of a town in Italy destroyed by WWII. This photograph was taken in May of 1944, at this point in Italy the Allies at Anzio were linking up with Allies from south Italy. 

Families Were Ripped Apart During the Korean War

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During the war, many families became separated. In this picture, a young weary looking- Korean girl carries her baby brother on her back as she treads through Korea, right past an M-26 tank.