We Are In Complete Awe Of These Magical Photos From The Past

By | February 15, 2023

The Price Is Right host Bob Barker with Janice Pennington and Anitra Ford, 1972.

Collected here are some enchanting photos of the past that will bring these moments back to life. You’ll find hilarious fashion fads, strange cultural trends, political protests, influential music, and various defining moments in history and pop culture. Come flip through these captivating photos that have left us in complete awe. 

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Popular American game show The Price Is Right has always brought in models to showcase the prizes. From 1972 to 2007 when Bob Barker hosted the show, these models were known as "Barker's Beauties."

Over 25 women have modeled for the show since its premiere, but those first three years belonged to the beauties pictured here, Janice Pennington and Anitra Ford. Dian Parkinson appeared from time to time but was signed on in 1975 and all three models appeared together until Ford left in 1976. Pennington, Parkinson and later Holly Hallstrom took the reigns together from 1977 all the way until 1993.

A handsome, young John Wayne early on in his acting career. (1930)

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Born Marion Robert Morrison, John Wayne, also known as the “Duke,” wasn’t just a man of many names, but also many talents. As an actor and a filmmaker he managed to spend three decades as one of the largest box office draws in the industry.

His first leading role came in 1930 with Raoul Walsh's The Big Trail, this part was just the first in a string of lead roles in B movies all throughout the 1930s– most of which were Westerns. In 1939 he landed the role of a lifetime in John Ford’s Stagecoach and from there he was a megastar. Literally, a megastar 142 pictures to be exact.