Medical Practices From History That Will Drop Your Jaw...

Medical History | July 17, 2019

A look inside Dr. Kellogg's health spa where patients were treated with bizarre homeopathic remedies

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When the word “Kellogg” comes to mind most people tend to think of Corn Flakes, the good doctor’s most popular gift to the modern world, but he was also an inventor who focused on holistic treatments. He was so interested in finding natural ways to cure ailments that he established the Battle Creek Sanitarium in the Michigan city of the same name.

The hollisitc sanitarium for the ill and infirmed treated people by changing their diets, monitoring their bodily functions, and attempting to change their mental well being. The centerpiece of the hospital was Kellogg’s “enema room” that was filled with machines that pump 15 quarts of water per minute into a human colon - and these weren’t just for show. He wanted patients to have four bowel movements a day. The sanitarium was shut down in the late ‘30s and its ownership was moved to the US Army. 

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