What is Gungywamp?

By | February 5, 2019

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An ancient stone chamber in Connecticut. Source: (keywordsuggests.funstitch.ru)

Near North Groton, Connecticut, there is a place with strange and ancient stone structures. Researchers are still unsure who built the structures and why, but they have put forth various theories. The most prevalent theory is the ancient Celts built the site sometime around 600 A.D. and that may have been used as a calendar of sorts to mark important days and record celestial events. But others contend that Gungywamp is a portal to a different dimension and that unexplained phenomenon is associated with the spot. Let’s dig deeper into the ancient Gungywamp site. 

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Double rings of stone at Gungywamp. Source: (Pinterest.com)

Gungywamp’s Stone Structures

Covering a 50-acre expanse, the Gungywamp site has several different kinds of stone formations. There are double rings of stone set into the ground, stones arranged to stand on end, and even some chambers constructed out of stone. Archaeologists have found evidence that Native Americans used the site a few hundred years ago, but they believe that the construction of it took place much earlier, several thousands of years earlier.