White House Report Card: Biden Drives His Approval Rating Into A Ditch

By Bo Beard | May 1, 2024

A significant drop

Beginning with his polling figures, President Biden's popularity has plummeted to a historic low, with Gallup data indicating a 38.7% approval rating. 

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via The Guardian

This marks a significant drop, placing him nearly 10 points below where former President Jimmy Carter stood at a similar point in his presidency, a concerning parallel given Carter's reelection outcome. The dismal approval rating places President Biden precisely 10 points below the minimum threshold historically required for a successful reelection bid, as per Gallup's analysis.

The economy

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Turning to the economy, concerns persist as inflation remains entrenched, GDP growth stagnates, and union workers publicly criticize President Biden's leadership on national television. Further instances of the president's missteps and verbal fumbles have surfaced. Reports emerged of aides being instructed to position themselves between President Biden and media cameras to conceal his unsteady walk.