Woman Is Ecstatic To Win A Free Home, Until She Realizes Its Hidden Secrets

By | July 21, 2022

House For Free

Louisa felt lucky getting a four-bedroom house for FREE, but not until secrets in the house started to appear. From the moment she knew something was wrong, she couldn’t stop questioning herself, why did I accept this?

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Suddenly, she saw a faded red stain on the floor and saw something in the corner of the room. Her jaw dropped, and her whole body just froze. Until now, she still can’t believe what she saw and realized something…

Fresh Start

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Photo: Pexels

Louisa Johnson and her three-year-old daughter decided to move to a new town wanting a fresh start. Just like everybody, they wanted to live peacefully. Fortunately, a man posted up a 4 bedroom house for free. Louisa, wanting to move to a different place, decided to grab this opportunity, and she did.