Secret WWII Message Decoded Decades After the War Ended!

By | March 13, 2017

In Italy, a group of treasure hunters were scanning an area in Tuscany using metal detectors when they discovered an old bullet. However, they were a bit surprised when they noticed that the bullet appears to be a little strange.

The treasure hunters observed that the bullet was sticking towards its casing backwards.

After more examination were done to the bullet, they realized it had been modified to mask a hidden message!

It was pretty common to put secret messages in bottles because they could just easily hide it, be carried or discarded.

Oh the note was a date written 8/13/44 and, as seen below, it has also some sort of secret-coded message.

A photo of the message was posted to the internet by the treasure hunters in hopes that somebody would be able to decipher it. Luckily, the grandson of an American soldier who was assigned in Italy saw the picture, best part is, he still had his grandfather’s code book. The secret message actually illustrates the scenario:

“They throw grenades. We pull pins and throw back. Notify reinforcements stand down — not needed.”

It was 1944 when the message was recorded, and at that time, Italy had surrendered. The German troops upholding this area were using Italian grenades, having two pins that needs to be released before detonation. Apparently, the German soldiers were oblivious of this second pin, and were basically throwing extra supplies to the Allies, who throws them back to use against them! Can you imagine the fellows who found this message? How they felt after knowing the story behind it? A fascinating piece of history indeed!

H/T DustyOldThing