Oddly Beautiful X-Rays Of Women Wearing Corsets In 1908

By | August 12, 2016

In 1908, Doctor O’Followell’s Le Corset (The Corset) explored and showcased through x-rays, the nasty things corsets can do on a woman's body.

These make me wince.

1908 corseted women

Le Corset 1908

1908 corseted women 2

Le Corset 1908

While others believe the images are just regular x-rays of women’s torsos with the corset painted on afterwards, many still agree that these x-rays are as real as the harmful health consequences corsets caused women.

1908 corseted women 3

Le Corset 1908

Compression and liver deformation cause by wearing a corset

1908 corseted women 5

Le Corset 1908

1908 corseted women 4

Le Corset 1908

Fig. 25. - Thorax of a woman without corset / Fig. 26. - Thorax of a woman with corset

1908 corseted women 6

Le Corset 1908

Via Dangerous Minds