25 Photos From The Past That’ll Show You What It’s Like To Be There

Once again we give you a rare fascinating look at some of the most interesting moments from the history. Some of them may surprise you,others may even make you laugh (I’m looking at you sneezing woman from 1900).

Let us know in the comments what you think about this collection.

1. Communist Party USA meeting in Chicago, 1939


2. Stephen Hawking marries Jane Wilde, 1965


3. Mount Rushmore before it was carved


4. Native porters carrying Rolls-Royce on poles across a remote river in Nepal, January 1950


5. A lion rides in the sidecar of a go-kart at a wall of death carnival attraction at Revere Beach, Massachusetts, 1929)


6. US Navy men pose with the eagle they rescued in the North Pacific, 1944


7. One of the earliest photographs of San Francisco just after the Gold Rush began, 1851


8. Two women on treadmills (c. 1920)


9. A policeman in London directing three giraffe-necked Burmese women, 1935


10. Two girls talk with their grandparents in East Germany over a barbed wire fence, a barricade which later became the Berlin Wall, 1961


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