14 Photos of Men Posing With Their Beloved Cats

It’s perfectly OK for men to post cute photos of cats held in their arms, but these guys have taken it to a whole other level! They’ve been posing with their cats, just like probably many men secretly do. 🙂

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Italy Over 100 Years Ago (Without The Influx of Tourists)

These old photos were taken by an amateur photographer during his trips to England and Europe with the family from 1907 to 1922. They documented everyday life of some Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice…...

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A 16th Century Interior Chapel Adorned with Human Bones and Skulls

A small interior chapel, the Capela dos Ossos which translates as “the Chapel of Bones,” is one of the most popular monuments in Evora, Portugal. Located next to the Church of St. Francis, the chapel is so called because...

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In Ancient Rome, a Slave Would Whisper ‘Remember You’re Mortal’ in the Ears of Victorious Generals On Their Homecoming Parade

After every major military victory in ancient Rome, the victorious generals are paraded through the streets in a chariot drawn by four horses. The ceremonial procession ends in the temple of Jupiter, on the Capitoline Hill,...

Castello di Sammezzano 4

A Beautiful Abandoned Castle Built 400 Years Ago

Hidden away in the Tuscan hills of Northern Italy is Castello di Sammazzano. This beautiful Moorish castle was built 400+ years ago in 1605, but for more than 20 years, it’s been sitting empty, neglected, vulnerable to...

New York Outhouse 2

Outhouses and Night Soil Men: New York City Before the Invention of Indoor Plumbing and Indoor Toilets

A hundred and fifty years ago New Yorkers had just a few choices when it came to taking care of their lavatory needs— visit an outhouse or use a chamber pot. Indoor toilets proved slow to gain popularity when they were...


Funny Vintage Photos Show How to Lace One’s Corsets with a Foot in the Back, 1910s

These vintage pictures show that long-lasting tradition of lacing one’s corsets with a foot in the back. Since so many corset wearers have bad backs, this is hardly recommended! H/T

Old Photos of Albert Einstein 8

Old Photos of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of general relativity, effecting a revolution in physics. For this achievement, Einstein is often regarded...

Naser al-Din Shah Qajar harem 14

Vintage Photos of The Iranian Shah and His 84 Wives

In 1842 the 11 year-old heir to the Persian throne received a camera from Queen Victoria of England. The young heir fell in love with the magical contraption. One of Shah Qajar’s many passions was photography. In the following...

Candian Cowboy 1

24 Photos Show Canadian Cowboys from 1883 to 1926

Southern Alberta was, and still is, a ranching country, with millions of acres of grasslands providing pasture for hungry cattle. Many ranches were established in the province beginning in the 1880s, and cowboys were hired...

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