Rationing Guidelines During World War 2

Having lived through the depression, many housewives already knew how to make food and household supplies last longer. But during WWII rationing, there were very specific limits on most foods, especially meat and dairy. Home-makers...


A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms are highly popular in the medieval period for Knights to use as a form of identification. They are still a matter of Civil Law in England and the use and distribution of them are governed by the College of Arms....


Images Reveals What These 10 Historical Figures Actually Looked Like


Albert Kahn And His Astounding “Archives Of The Planet”

In 1909, at the very dawn of color photography, the French banker Albert Kahn set out to visually document every culture of the global human family. With his fortune from selling securities from South African diamond mines...


Random Vintage Photos from the Past


Liverpool has a Buried Underworld and No One Knows Why

For fifteen years, retired Liverpudlian locals and curious volunteers have been digging up a vast network of 200 hundred-year old tunnels and cellar systems beneath their streets, not knowing how far they go, where they lead...


Why The City of Paris Has Virtually No Tall Buildings Like Every Other Bustling European Metropolis

If you’ve ever studied the skyline of Paris, you might have noticed that the central part of the city has virtually no tall buildings. Seems odd for a bustling European metropolis, right? Well, that’s because...


Five US Navy Sailors Who Died at Pearl Harbor Identified 75 Years Later

Almost 430 US Navy sailors, crew, and US Marines died on the USS Oklahoma when the ship was torpedoed by a Japanese aircraft, capsized and sank to the bottom of the harbor. Hundreds of bodies were retrieved, but could not...


Life In Old Kentucky, 1916

Ila Feebach, 15-year old girl at home for housework. Nicholas County–Cynthiana, Kentucky. August 1916 Zelina & Florence Richards, 12 and 13 years old doing the family wash. Nicholas County, Kentucky. August 8,...


Plastic Surgeon Experimented on Wounded WWII Soldiers and Changed Medicine Forever

During WWII, thousands of British soldiers were discharged for injuries sustained in combat. Many received severe scars covering their entire face or extremities. One plastic surgeon was determined to devise revolutionary...

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