10 Most Famous Conspiracy Theories Regarding The Death of Hitler

By | August 17, 2018

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Speech Of The Fuhrer In Germany On December 11, 1941 (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

One of the most popular conspiracy theories of our time involves the events of what really happened to Adolf Hitler at the end of World War II. Shortly after the report of Hitler’s death, the Soviet Union was promoting the belief that he was still alive. Ever since then there have been many reports over the years that he had lived to a good old age into the 1980s.

These conspiracy theories are alive and well today for a number of reasons.

*There was never any visual proof that Hitler was in fact dead. Neither his body nor his wife’s body were ever seen in public.

*Hitler would not have been one to allow himself to be captured. If so he would have possibly been tortured and most likely executed for his heinous crimes. Escape would have been the only option.

*He had a history of escaping death. While he was a messenger in the German Army, he was wounded and obviously survived. He was also “Criminal Number One” during World War II and was never apprehended.

The hard evidence surrounding Hitler’s death is that he did indeed commit suicide. His body was carried outside, burned, and then buried by some of his men from the Third Reich.

Let’s move on to the curious, mysterious, and honestly, quite bizarre, conspiracy theories regarding what truly happened to Adolf Hitler.

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July 1947 photo of the rear entrance to the Führerbunker in the garden of the Reich Chancellery. Hitler and Eva Braun were cremated in a shell hole in front of the emergency exit at left. (Wikipedia)

A Trip to the Moon

Apparently, Hitler had a secret bunker built for himself on the moon. The story goes that he actually left for the moon before the war ended, when he realized that events were not going to end his way.

Alien Friends

As Hitler was rising to power, supposedly aliens confronted him, asking him to live with them so they could gain control of planet Earth. They offered him technological advances in exchange for the opportunity to live with them in space. When Hitler lost the war, the aliens let him come live with them anyway.

Hitler Cloned Himself

Allegedly, Hitler was able to clone himself with the help of his good friend, Dr. Josef Mengele. This theory is particularly popular due to his interest in biotechnology and the fact that he encouraged his medical researchers to conduct all sorts of experiments on his prisoners of war.

Escaped to Argentina

It’s a well-known fact that many high-profile Nazis fled to South America following the war. In the book, Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler (2011), it’s theorized that Hitler wanted to live off the gold the Nazis had stolen during the war. With his wife, Eva Braun, he lived in a mansion until he was 73 years old.