50 Startling Photos of Forgotten Places

By Sophia Maddox | March 19, 2024

Indonesia’s Locomotive Graveyard Is Reminiscent of the Nation’s Global Steam Era

Come along on a trip around the world with us to visit some of the most visually stunning and occasionally haunting abandoned spaces. Each breathtaking image reflects a historically significant location once brimming with life and purpose.

Today, the following monuments stand alone as a signifier of bygone eras. From ancient fairytale-like palaces to forgotten covert military infrastructure, these abandoned buildings are a stark reminder of time's fleeting nature.


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Behind the grasslands of Purwakarta lies a cadre of somber locomotives, many of which trace back to the early 20th century. The desolate resting place for these once-majestic engineering marvels powered Indonesia’s early industrial era. Today, these machines are scarcely supported by their own hulking steel frames. They sit rusted and stripped of the bustling lifeblood that once powered these robust industrial pieces of machinery through the Indonesian countryside.

This eerie gravesite for retired engines exists as a lasting, if haunting, memorial of rail travel's Golden Age.

The Tranquil Fields of Lincoln, Massachusetts Reveal an Unsettling Equine Mystery in Ponyhenge

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Ponyhenge is a curious display of rocking horses and other themed toys that can’t help but attract the attention of the casual passerby. This enigmatic (or, um, super weird) collection of plastic hobby horses marks a rather peculiar sight amid New England’s rural landscape. There’s no shortage of local folklore surrounding the eerie site.

As the legend goes, Ponyhenge started with a single rocking horse abandoned by an unknown party. Over time, more equine figures began to mysteriously accumulate until they attracted more anonymous donors. Contributors started to display this unusual collection in a unique circular pattern reminiscent of the ancient megaliths. The ever-expanding assemblage of toy horses has been said to mysteriously migrate from one part of the circle to another. The spontaneity of the display lends the area a truly unique expression that can’t be found elsewhere.