58 Chilling Sculptures That Show A Different Side To History Than We Already Know

Undine Rising from the Waters

Some photos are so chilling, it's just hard to look away. Even more so, a photo of a sculpture carries with it so much mystery that we just can't help try to uncover the real story behind it's eerie complexity and take a closer look.

These are the most chilling and unsettling sculptures that have graced the planet. They leave us clues about a different side to history than we already know…and will leave us yearning for more.

We gathered a collection of photos and stories that may not have been newsworthy at the time but are more meaningful today than ever. Click ahead and try not to gasp!


Created in 1880, Undine Rising from the Waters was painstakingly carved by Chauncey Bradley Ives. He was inspired by the stories of Mediterranean sea spirits who medieval locals believed to be “soulless mortals.” After Baron Heinrich Karl de la Motte Fouqué wrote the novel Undine where one of these creatures gains a soul while marrying knight with whom they’re in love the western world became obsessed with this myth. With this sculpture Ives shows the moment that sprite spills out of the water draped in a white veil to take their husband’s life. The marble sculpture is one of the more realistic carvings that’s ever been produced.