60 Rare Historical Photos That You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Uncategorized | January 16, 2019

WWII plane washed up on a beach in Wales after 65 years- An American Lockheed P-38 "Lightning" fighter plane emerged from the surf and sand on a Welsh beach in 2007 with its distinctive twin-boom design.

Source: Reddit

It took 65 years after it crash landed on a beach in Wales, for an American P-38 fighter plane to emerge in 2007 from the watery sand where it was once buried. The fighter jet remained hidden under the the sands and waves since it crashed in 1942 off the coast of Wales. Known as the Maid of Harlech has been described as one of the most important WWII finds in recent history. The fighter jet crashed on the Gwynedd coast when the engines cut out while taking part in training exercises. The good news was pilot Lt Robert Elliott walked away from the crash without a scratch. The bad new was, he went missing in action just three months later serving in the American's Tunisia campaign in North Africa.

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