71 "The Love Boat" Guests So Beautiful We Can't Look Away


Priscilla Barnes Chased Gopher Across the High Seas

On the high seas of The Love Boat, some of the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood history came together to create unforgettable moments of drama, romance, and adventure. From the iconic cast of Charlie's Angels to the sultry charms of Susan Anton, Barbi Benton, and Heather Thomas, these guest stars lit up the screen with their irresistible presence, creating a sense of magic and wonder that kept audiences coming back for more. With their unforgettable performances and natural charisma, these guest stars proved themselves to be true masters of their craft, capable of elevating even the most outlandish of storylines to new heights of excitement and emotion.
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Priscilla Barnes' turn as Helga Bjorsson in a two-hour Love Boat episode is a sight to behold. Barnes, with her angular features and coifed blonde hair, is the perfect embodiment of the glamorous and calculating socialite. Her target? None other than Gopher, played by Fred Grandy. Despite Gopher's initial reluctance to leave the ship, Helga's alluring charm and grand gestures are hard to resist. As the two embark on a whirlwind romance, it becomes clear that Helga is not just after a fling, but something more permanent. Will Gopher give in to her charms and leave the Love Boat behind? Only time will tell in this high-stakes game of love and power.