A Blast From the Past

By | September 20, 2018

What baby boomers would refer to as having a “blast” would be perceived as “boring” to today’s generation. Yesterday’s culture looked quite different than ours does today. The forms of entertainment would be unrecognizable to the youngsters today.

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What is a pram? A pram is a baby carriage that was developed in the 1800s, starting out in its primitive form as being made of wicker. As they developed it further, it had been improved upon by changing it so that they could be pushed rather than pulled and the child could lie down in them instead of sitting up. Other improvements included brakes, big rubber tires, plastic handles, and even power steering. Eventually, they started making toy versions of them for young girls to play with by pushing their baby dolls around in them. 

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Children’s street culture.

Urban cultures back in the day allowed children to be able to play in the street with no fear of being attacked or getting hurt. Accidents still happened from time to time but certainly not like today. They didn’t require constant supervision back then. The children would just hang out in the street for hours with no parents nearby telling them to do chores or go to bed. 

Usually, as long as the kids were home by dark, the parents were fine with it and didn’t see a reason to worry. These “street” children would create their own entertainment using their imagination consisting of scavenger hunts, secret clubs, hide and seek, and even come up with “legends” like a certain house in their area being haunted.