9+ Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Babe Ruth

By | May 22, 2019

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American baseball player George Herman Ruth (1895 - 1948) known as Babe Ruth. Source: (MPI/Getty Images)

He is George Herman Ruth, Jr., but you probably know him better as “The Bambino” or “The Sultan of Swat” or simply as “The Babe," Babe Ruth. He is one of the greatest sports figures in American culture and, even though decades have passed since Babe Ruth played baseball, he is still considered one of the best ball players of all time. Babe Ruth was just as colorful and charismatic off the field as he was on the field. Stories about him have become legendary. Let’s look at some facts, some trivia, and some stories that you (maybe) didn't know about Babe Ruth.

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Babe Ruth didn’t know how old he was for a while there

For most of his life, Babe Ruth believed that his birthday was February 7, 1894. But after the 1934 baseball season, he was asked to join a group of baseball players for a series of exhibition games in Japan and he needed to get a passport. Ruth dug out his birth certificate and was shocked to see that his actual date of birth was February 6, 1895. He was nearly a year younger than he thought he was.