Beautiful Abandoned Places That Are Forbidden To Visit 

By | December 28, 2022

Many places of interest around the world have been abandoned or destroyed for various reasons. Some of these places are picturesque or entertaining such as amusement parks where many people once took vacations to. Besides the vacation hot spots that were abandoned, there are also some not so beautiful abandoned houses and wrecked vehicles (cars, planes, boats, etc.) that leaves one intrigued with mystery as to the details of those wrecks and stories behind those old abandoned houses.

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Nothing to see here, just an abandoned Tu-144 super-sonic passenger jet in the backyard on the outskirts of Kazan City.

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Source: Reddit

Why would someone park a TU-144 supersonic passenger jet in their backyard? And better yet, why would they abandon it? It appears that someone was trying to hide it for some reason. It was first discovered by people just passing by. Then word got out and photographers began showing up taking pictures and videos, some by way of drones. Some even took videos of actually starting it up and activating certain moving parts so it actually still works, at least partially. It's amazing what some people keep in their backyard.