Bela Lugosi’s Dracula

By | October 29, 2018

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Bela Lugosi, as Dracula, about to claim a beautiful victim, played by Helen Chandler, in a scene from the famous 1931 movie. (GettyImages)

Long before Twilight, The Lost Boys and Interview with a Vampire, there was the 1931 horror movie, Dracula. Based on Bram Stoker’s gothic novel by the same name and starring Bela Lugosi as the spooky Count Dracula, the film used creative special effects and dramatic music to create suspense and drama. As the first legitimate vampire movie (more on this later), Bela Lugosi set the bar high for the litany of blood-thirsty angels of the night to come. 

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Bela Lugosi starred in the Broadway play, Dracula, several years before taking the role to the big screen.

The 1931 Film was Based on the Screenplay, not the Book, of Dracula

Although Bram Stoker is listed in the credits as one of the movie’s writers, in fact, the 1931 film version of Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi, was actually based off the 1924 stage play that had been written by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston. Deane and Balderston, however, drew heavily from Bram Stoker’s Dracula for their script. But it wasn’t the first movie to be made that was based off Bram Stoker’s acclaimed novel.