Bone Chilling Photos of Abandoned Places

Abandoned Buildings | September 20, 2019

Need a chair? Have you tried looking in the pool at the University of Rochester?

source: pinterest

For anyone visiting this run down swimming pool it has to be one of the oddest sights in the world. Formerly a part of the Merle Spurrier Gymnasium, and connected to the Susan B. Anthony women’s dormitory, this 25-yard-long, six lane swimming pool was the jewel of the recreation area for a few years. However, once the women’s gym was moved to the Robert B. Goergen Athletic Center in 1982 the pool has become a depository for the unwanted. Whenever someone at university isn’t sure were to store something they put it in the pool, that’s why you can find chairs, desks, and televisions stacked in chaos where young women once swam laps. 

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