Dozens of Century-Old Documents Discovered In Birds' Nests

By | November 10, 2015

During the restoration of 15th century Assumption Cathedral in Russia, workers stumbled upon several birds’ nest built throughout the building’s decaying roof.

Aside from finding bird bones and eggshells in the nests, they were surprised to find different paper documents dating back as early as 18th century!

In particular, they found 18th century manuscripts as well notes from the early 19th century.

Birds Nest documents 1

Apparently, generations of birds were carefully adding papers for added comfort in their nests. There were an assorted collection of documents - from what seems to be littered papers to promissory notes and bills of sales.

Birds Nest documents 2

There were even what seems to be pieced of a 10000-ruble bank note, which was a fortune at the time.

Birds Nest documents 3

Pieces of newspaper scraps, candy wrappers, tickets, recipes, packaging were also found.

Birds Nest documents 4

H/T Metkere