Chilling '80s Horror Movies That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

By Sophia Maddox | October 29, 2023

The Thing

Welcome, horror aficionados, thrill-seekers, and the brave at heart! We're about to take a spine-tingling journey back to the 1980s, an era where big hair, neon colors, and VHS tapes reigned supreme. But, more importantly, it was a time when some of the most chilling, blood-curdling, and downright terrifying horror films ever were unleashed upon the world. 

For those who lived through this decade of fear, get ready to relive the spine-tingling terror. And for those who missed out, or perhaps were too scared to watch these classics in the dark, fear not! We're here to guide you through the macabre masterpieces that continue to haunt our nightmares. So whether you're a seasoned horror veteran or a curious newcomer, grab your popcorn, turn down the lights, and join us as we delve into the heart-pounding world of '80s horror.

Don't dare miss this hair-raising trip down memory lane – and for those who've never ventured into these dark realms, prepare for a chilling education! Continue reading if you dare...

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John Carpenter's The Thing, released in 1982, stands as one of the greatest achievements in the science fiction horror genre. Despite being critically panned upon its release, the film has earned its reputation as a terrifying and thought-provoking masterpiece over the years. What sets The Thing apart is its exploration of the dread of the unknown and the enemy within. The film's isolated Antarctic setting, along with its paranoia-fueled plot, creates an atmosphere of palpable tension and mistrust.

The practical effects work by Rob Bottin is nothing short of groundbreaking, giving life to grotesque and shape-shifting extraterrestrial horrors that continue to shock and terrify. The Thing remains a chilling and timeless exploration of fear and isolation, emphasizing the fragility of the human psyche when confronted with an unknowable and malevolent force. Its enduring legacy in the genre is a testament to its ability to evoke visceral terror and existential dread in viewers, ensuring its place among the most celebrated and revered science fiction horror films of all time.


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Andrzej Żuławski's Possession stands as a chilling and enigmatic masterpiece of horror cinema that continues to captivate and terrify audiences to this day. Released in 1981, the film defies traditional genre conventions, weaving a nightmarish tale of psychological torment and supernatural forces set against the backdrop of a fractured marriage. Isabelle Adjani's mesmerizing and utterly unhinged performance, coupled with Sam Neill's descent into madness, creates an atmosphere of relentless tension and dread.

Possession subverts expectations at every turn, blurring the line between reality and hallucination, love and horror. Its striking visuals, nightmarish subway scene, and visceral body horror have left an indelible mark on the genre, while its exploration of the complexities of human relationships continues to resonate with audiences.