Chilling Abandoned Places Of Worship

By | August 12, 2020

There are so many beautiful places of worship around the world, and no matter their focus they all give off an energy that can make us feel new again, and give life to a community. But when they fall into disrepair, or when their parishioners abandon the temple these astounding pieces of architecture become chilling.

Looking into the crumbling remnants of a place of worship is creepy enough to send goosebumps up your spine, leaving you with an unsettling feeling for the rest of the day. Many of these dilapidated churches and former holy grounds have been closed for decades… if not longer. There’s no way to know what goes on inside them now…

Warning some of these photos may not be suitable for all audiences...

Try not to gasp as you look closer at this collection of chilling abandoned places of worship.

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Cemeteries are creepy enough as is, but the cemetery and church in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin are thought to be some of the most haunted places in the midwest. Founded by Father Ambrose Oschwald, a former priest who was suspended from the Catholic Church for practicing “mystical, prophetic, and heretical works” in the Black Forest of Germany, even if this place isn’t haunted it definitely has an unsettling past.

The community founded by Oschwald called themselves “The Association,” claimed to be led to the town by a “divine white heifer,” which is the least weird thing about the group.

Members of The Association claim that when Oschwald was on his death bed there was a mysterious pounding sound around town that only ended when he finally succumbed to his illness.

The church is abandoned today, although Oschwald’s body is still entombed in the mausoleum at the base of the hill where he overlooks the cemetery.

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This eerie photo shows the abandoned pavilion where Jim Jones gave many of his sermons to the people of Jonestown, going on hours long tirades that could be anything from funny to frightening. He often pitted members of Jonestown against one another in order to make them prove who was most loyal.

While this isn’t the “normal” place of worship, at the onset Jones’ congregation was a Christian organization who wanted nothing more than to help people in need… how quickly that turned sour.

During his sermons in Jonestown, Jim Jones mentally poisoned his followers into the belief that they there were spies in their midst. In actuality, it was Jones who did the most damage.