Chilling Images From History 

By | November 23, 2022

Perfectly timed photos capture chilling moments that history books can only describe. Moments of defeat, downfall or death, and even the close calls, thrill us as glimpses of our own mortality. As humans, we stay comfortable with plenty of distractions from the unpleasant truth that life is short, and often cheap. The panicked look of a man about to commit suicide, or the last glimpse of a doomed Space Shuttle crew, or the remorseless gaze of a captive Nazi war criminal -- these are the frozen moments that give us a shudder, but we can't look away.

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The Perverse Glee Of Shameless Racism...

In 1957, 15-year-old Dorothy Counts attended Harry Harding High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, for four days. The school was all white, and Counts had been one of a small number of black students to apply and be accepted to attend white public schools in North Carolina under the Pearsall Plan.

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Source: Reddit

On her first day, Counts was met by hundreds of students who tried to block her from entering the school; many settled for throwing rocks at her or spitting on her. The racism in the school was intense; Counts was harassed constantly, and any white students she spoke with drew criticism from the mob as well. While Counts' expression in this photo demands sympathy, what's truly fascinating -- in the worst way -- is the looks on the faces of the white students behind her. So indoctrinated are they by tradition that they see this courageous, barrier-breaking student as some sort of joke.