Chilling Photographs That'll Change Your Perspective

By Sophia Maddox | December 3, 2023

That’s dedication! When a soccer game in 1937 was canceled due to heavy fog, no one told the goalkeeper, Sam Bartram. He remained on the pitch for 15 minutes after the game was called. 

Things aren’t always as they seem. This collection of photographs will show you a view of history – its people, places, and events – that offers a different perspective than what we see in our history books. You will see famous people before they were stars, the final moments of some people’s lives, fads and trends of the past, and some intriguing slices of life in days gone by. History is full of fascinating little tidbits that make for wonderful stories. All we need to do to find them is to change our perspective.

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This goalkeeper was the last man standing. (Twitter)

Soccer goalkeeper Sam Bartham, who played professionally for the Charlton Athletics, was playing a match against their rivals Chelsea in 1937 when a thick layer of fog settled over the pitch. Bartham later recalled watching as the fog rolled across the field, obscuring the opposing goal and all the players from sight. At first, he could see shadow figures moving in front of him. He kept his eyes peeled for an incoming soccer ball. After a while, he recalled, he noticed that the pitch was eerily silent. Still, he remained at his post. Long minutes passed and then Bartham saw a figure approaching him. To his surprise, it was not one of his teammates or a member of the opposing team. It was a police officer. The officer exclaimed, “What on earth are you doing here? The game was stopped a quarter of an hour ago!” 

Here's a great colorized photo of actress Susan Peters, 1943.

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Taken in 1943, this photo shows Susan Peters taken nine years before her death from chronic kidney infection and pneumonia. At the time of this photo Peters was appearing in films like Andy Hardy's Double Life, and Assignment in Brittany, but while on a hunting trip with her husband she grabbed a shotgun and it discharged into her abdomen.

The bullet lodged in her spinal column, paralyzing her from the waist down. She spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair and continued to act in projects that allowed her to work with her paralysis.