Chilling Photos Unsuitable For All Viewers

Stella Grassman and her husband Deafy were both tattoo artists, and she worked as a sideshow exhibition

Historical photos often show us things that we don’t want to see, but that we can’t look away from. This collection of photographs show us extraordinary moments from our past that send chills down our spine. Some of these shots show moments that are hard to look at, but others will give you goosebumps in the best way possible.

We are warning you, some of these photographs are downright hard to look at, and some will astonish...they all deserve a closer look as they explain some of the most chilling moments in history. Click ahead for more, but remember viewer discretion is advised. 

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It’s not wild to see a young woman covered in tattoos today. Most people under the age of 30 have a couple. It’s cool, it’s normal, there’s nothing untoward about it; but that wasn’t the case in the 1920s. Back then, Stella Grassman was such an oddity for her tattoos that she worked as a attraction with the Ringling Brotheres, Barnum & Bailey Circus.

When she wasn’t traveling with the carnival, Stella and her husband worked as tattoo artists in Newark, New Jersey before moving to Charleston, South Carolina. The couple split up in the mid-‘50s but they share a grave plot in South Carolina.