Classic TV Shows Forgotten By Time

By Sophia Maddox | March 1, 2024

Beauty and the Beast

Think you've got what it takes to be a television trivia master? Get ready to put your knowledge to the test! From forgotten series featuring Lucy's return to TV to George Clooney's lesser-known appearances in emergency room dramas, we're diving into the world of classic TV shows that have slipped from memory.

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Beauty and the Beast is a popular fairy tale and the inspiration for a 1987 TV show of the same name. Linda Hamilton was Catherine Chandler, the victim of a violent crime, who wakes to find a mysterious man named Vincent saved her life. Though Vincent is more man than beast, they form a lasting relationship. In the first season, Catherine learns about the hidden underground world where Vincent lives and the strange Father who takes care of Vincent and others.

Starring beside Hamilton was Ron Perlman hidden under layers of makeup. The former Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy star made Vincent seem both loving and terrifying. By the end of season two, Hamilton was on her way out, and the network was desperate to breathe new life into the series. Though CBS brought in new actors, they couldn't capture the Perlman and Hamilton magic. The CW launched a reboot in 2012 that ran for four seasons.


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What do you get when you cross a man with an animal? Manimal! This NBC series followed the adventures of Dr. Jonathon Chase, a superhero who could transform himself into different animals. Chase could pick and choose the animal he became and used his powers to assist the police in solving cases. Though he often became a black panther or a hawk, he also transformed into a snake, bull, dolphin, and any animal that helped him get the job done.

Adding to the fun of the series were the relationships he had with his cop buddy and his love interest. Manimal started out strong with a 90-minute TV movie that got high ratings. While fans loved the movie, they weren't as fond of the series, which only lasted for seven episodes. After NBC canceled the show, Dr. Chase appeared in an episode of the '90's series, Night Man.