Did Captain Kidd Hide His Loot In a Thimble? The Unique History of the Thimble Islands

By | March 26, 2019

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Thimble Islands archipelago in the Long Island Sound, Branford, Connecticut. Source: (Photo by Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

In Long Island Sound, just off the coast of Connecticut, there is a collection of 365 tiny islands—one for each day of the year, the locals like to quip—that are collectively known as the Thimble Islands. No more than large, granite boulders that were strewed into the water during the Ice Age, the Thimble Islands have a rich history that included rumors of pirate treasure. 

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Source: (townandcountrymag.com)

Glacial Deposits and Native American Jewels

When the Late Wisconsin Glacier receded more than 15,000 years ago, it left in its wake a series of rocky, pink granite boulders and outcroppings in the Long Island Sound. In the region of the United States, there is an ongoing debate about what constitutes an island. Some are several acres in size while some are nothing more than big rocks that happen to stick out of the water. The local Mattabesec Indians called the Islands “Kuttomquosh,” meaning “the beautiful sea gems”.