Disturbing Photos From Studio 54

By Sophia Maddox | November 17, 2023

Tony Curtis Looking Suave In a Velvet Jacket

A glimpse behind the curtain of history can tell us so much about the stars and celebrities that we think we know so much about. Seeing photos of the events as they unfolded, colorized just for you, shows just how decadent the most famous club in the world really was.

Studio 54 was the one club where the famous and the infamous mixed with reckless abandon, with lines of would-be dancers begging to be let inside. What happened behind the walls of this storied New York City club? How late did the parties go, and exactly what did stars like Mick Jagger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a very young Drew Barrymore get up to at these all-night ragers?

Look closer, these new colorized rare photos and stories dig deeper into the history that you think you know to tell the real stories and hidden secrets of Studio 54.

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The 1970s, a time when even the most glamorous of Hollywood stars couldn't escape the ups and downs of fame. But that didn't stop Tony Curtis, the song and dance man who had captured the hearts of audiences everywhere, from letting loose and having a good time. Despite a career that was in a nadir, Curtis was a regular at Studio 54, the hottest club in town, where he could let his hair down and enjoy himself. With his suave style, devil-may-care attitude, and irresistible charm, Curtis was the life of the party, drawing crowds and captivating everyone with his moves on the dance floor. Whether he was performing one of his signature songs or simply enjoying the music, Tony Curtis proved that even in the midst of a career slump, he was still a star in every sense of the word.

Donald Trump never danced at Studio 54

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Everyone who was anyone had to make an appearance at Studio 54 during its golden years. It didn't matter if they were a mogul or an actor, if they wanted to be seen and admired they knew that they had to pass those velvet ropes. In the late '70s and early '80s going to Studio 54 wasn't just a thing to do, it was a right of passage.

Co-owner Ian Schrager describes seeing everyone who was everyone come through the club, including you know who:

Over the next few years, every celebrity or big shot came to Studio 54. But nobody pestered anyone for an autograph, so they could be themselves. Andy Warhol was shy and just liked to watch. Mick Jagger was the same as he was on stage and Diana Ross was an amazing dancer. I never saw Donald Trump dance, though. He was a serious guy.