Extremely Dangerous Jobs of the 20th Century

Rare Collection | March 12, 2020

Only the most courageous of men could fell redwoods in the early 1900s

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Redwood trees are some of the largest and oldest organisms on Earth. The redwoods resist decay and are fire tolerant, and of course, are highly desirable for their wood. This wood was even more desirable after the 1906 earthquake damaged much of San Francisco. The most sought-after part of the tree was, of course, the hardest to get: the top. In the early days, the fellers were raised on scaffolds. They wedged boards into the sides of the tree so they had a place to stand and cut. After the tree was felled, the bucker cut off the limbs and cut the tree into more manageable lengths. Then the peeler went to work removing the bark. Yes, the tools that they used were quite dangerous, but the shear size of the trees increased the danger even more.

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