Hans Christian Andersen And International Children’s Book Day

By | April 4, 2019

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Scene from the ballet The Snow Queen. Source: (gettyimages.com)

Not only does April 2nd of this year mark the 214th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen but it is also International Children’s Book Day. Andersen was an author and poet, who still impacts children and adults today with his children’s fairy tales and poetry. This ballet of "The Snow Queen” is from one of his fairy tales. Many of his stories were influenced by his life and his fantasies.

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Hans Christian Andersen. Source: (maesemfronteiras.com.br)

This statue of Andersen is located in Central Park in New York City. Children, as well as adults, were fascinated by him as they sat and listened to him tell his stories. He has been recognized around the world. Other monuments of him are located in Rosenborg Castle Gardens in Copenhagen; a statue of him in Odense that sits halfway in the water; statue in Solvang, California; statue in Bratislava, Slovakia; and a bust of him in Sydney that was unveiled by the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark (2005).