Hidden Colorized Secrets Of Studio 54

By | November 3, 2022

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One year before Studio 54 became the place to be, Sylvester Stallone made a huge splash with Rocky in 1976. He went from a struggling actor to one of the most famous people on the planet, and he flexed that muscle whenever he had the chance... Especially on the dance floor.

At the time the club was struggling so the owners made sure to pay Joanne Horowitz a kind of finder's fee for every celebrity she could get into the joint. If they wound up on the cover a magazine she made even more money. She told Page Six:

For [Sylvester] Stallone and Michael Jackson, I was paid the most; $250 each if they got the covers of The Post or the Daily News, $150 for inside. For People magazine, I got $250. Same for Time or Newsweek... Stallone got photographed with his girlfriend, not his wife, and he wasn’t too pleased.

Andy Warhol posing for his 15 minutes of fame

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After attending the Elizabeth Taylor's birthday party in 1978, Warhol wrote:

Liz looked like a—bellybutton. Like a fat little Kewpie doll…. Diana Vreeland was there, and people were being brought over to Liz—she was the queen. I met a quarterback. Bob was watching Bianca [Jagger] take poppers and he said to Diana Vreeland, ‘It really becomes more like pagan Rome every day,’ and she said, ‘I should hope so—isn’t that what we’re after?’