Black and White Photos from History Came to Life as Creepy GIFs

Vintage Photos | December 29, 2015

Art director Kevin Weir takes on historical black and white photographs turning them into strange and compelling GIFs.

Majority of his work have interesting worldly twists -- a woman turning into a flock of crows, a building smashing unassuming pedestrians and dragging them away, and a giant mutant snail emerging from a tunnel.

historical gifs 1

historical gifs 2

historical gifs 3

historical gifs 4

historical gifs 5

historical gifs 7

historical gifs 8

historical gifs 9

historical gifs 10

historical gifs 11

Weir takes photos for his creations from the Flickr page of the Library of Congress, which has a vast collection of historical photographs stamped with a Creative Commons license.

H/T Kevin Weir | The Flux Machine

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