Iconic Moments: Remembering Marilyn Monroe's Life in 60 Stunning Images

By Sarah Norman | March 21, 2024

Norma Jeane Mortenson poses for a portrait in 1946 in Los Angeles, California, shortly before changing her name to Marilyn Monroe

Explore the multifaceted life of Marilyn Monroe, celebrated for her enchanting allure and unparalleled talent, yet often shielded from the harsh realities she faced. Delve into a collection of hauntingly candid photos, shedding light on the complexities beneath her radiant exterior. From navigating tumultuous relationships to grappling with personal demons, Marilyn's journey reveals the highs and lows of fame, inviting reflection on the true cost of stardom. Join us on a thought-provoking exploration that challenges perceptions and deepens our understanding of this enduring American icon.

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After signing a contract with Blue Book Model Agency in late 1945, she straightened and dyed her hair blonde to became more employable. She mostly did advertisements in men's magazines, but in order to break into the world of film she had to change her name to something more marketable.

Marilyn Monroe's new name was a combination of her mother's maiden name (Monroe) and her grandfather's first name (Marilyn). She chose this name because she felt that it was more glamorous and would help her stand out.

Monroe faced abuse as far back as 1937

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While living with the Goddard family, Monroe became the target of Erwin 'Doc' McCee's constant molestation. After months, Monroe told Grace about her experience in the home, which led to her being sent away to live with a new set of relatives. Upon hearing Monroe's claim, Grace Goddard allegedly said:

I can't trust anything or anyone.