Inside Dulce Base: The Chilling Secret Military Site Where Extraterrestrials Roam Free

By Sophia Maddox | December 16, 2023

Dulce: More than Meets the Eye?

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Beneath the unassuming streets of Dulce, New Mexico, where there's not even a single traffic light, there may lurk a mystery as deep as the darkest abyss. Most passersby would see just another tranquil southwestern town, but some curious souls whisper of a secret underground. The tales are out of this world—literally! Conspiracy enthusiasts suggest that this isn't just your average town, but the rooftop of a seven-level subterranean base.

The Dulce Base Is Straight Up Science Fiction

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So what's in the Dulce Base? Oh, just some casual human-animal hybrids, a few human-alien crossovers, and mind-boggling technology that could reshape our understanding of science. Rumors even float around of full-blown alien skirmishes happening down there. Move over, Roswell; Dulce might just be the next epicenter of extraterrestrial enigma in New Mexico.