Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard, Heavyweight Championship of the World, 1919

By | March 16, 2017

Jess Willard, the reigning heavyweight champion who stood 6'6" and 225 pounds when he fought Jack Dempsey in 1919. His mighty reputation preceded him as he had previously won a fight with a boxer named John "Bull" Young. During that fight, Willard hit his opponent with great force that a piece of his jaw actually broke off and then drove into his brain, which killed him in the ring.

Later on, Willard became the heavyweight champion by beating Jack Johnson in a 26-round fight during the year 1915.

Then here was Jack Dempsey, a hot young fighter who was willingly up to the challenge of taking on the robust heavy-hitting Willard.

"This will be one of the easiest fights I've ever had," said Willard before the fight commenced in Toledo, Ohio. So sure of himself, Willard even stipulated to be indemnified if in case he kills Dempsey in the ring.

Warning though, the clip below will let you witness the most brutal first round ever in the history of professional boxing.

Dempsey's punches were so strong and landed hard it broke Willard's jaw in 13 different places. Mercilessly, he beat the champion inflicting massive irreversible damages.

In recent times, such beating are no longer allowed. In 1919 though, when prizefighting was an outlaw quest and social Darwinism was still exuberant in the air, these boxers fought through sensational agonies.

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