The Reign Of King George III And How It Led to America

(Allan Ramsay/Wikimedia Commons)

In the story of America's birth, King George III is painted as the enemy, an antagonistic monarch who attempted to keep a stranglehold on fledgling colonies yearning to breathe free. But what was actually up with King George? Sure, he was a tyrant given to fits of mania that left him literally foaming at the mouth, but his arrogance eventually led to the creation of the United States, so if nothing else, he deserves a thanks for that.

George's Wars

When George III took over the crown in 1760, he was initially a welcome presence on the throne. The Seven Years' War was winding down, and the end of a war is always a thorny situation for an incoming monarch, but George managed to secure a peace agreement to end the war and net all of France's territories in mainland North America on the side. Pushing France out of North America, he reasoned, ensured the growing colonies would have no backup if they decided to do something crazy like revolt. He'd had quite enough war, thank you.